Saturday, March 1, 2008

Back to Ephraim

I hadn't played Snow College in 3 years. For many reasons. But I actually recorded my first record "Some Place New" underneath Fat Jacks Pizza. Which is actually called Rons now. So me and this place have history. One of my first shows was opening for The Aqua Bats at Snow College.

It was pretty amusing getting off I-15 driving through the canyon/desolate highway, passing numerous amounts of sheep and cows. As we reached main street you still coundn't help but still smell the slight odor of turkeys in the air. Theres nothing like being back! It was also 20 degrees colder than Salt lake was that day. I pulled up to a huge stage setup in the Activities room just like 3 years before.

It was an amazing experience. Just the reaction of everyone there was worth the trip. I couldn't believe that everyone stayed through the whole thing. An awesome Montana band Goodnight Sunrise opened the show. I followed with an hour set. This was my first headliner since Feb 9th so I was a little rusty.

set list: Seventeen, At The Seams, Landslide/My Own Skin, Promise, Name, Right Here, Damnit, Colors, With or Without You, Golden, Parades

After a experience like that I hope to come back often. Even though a show was cancelled this weekend in Cedar this was still a fantastic weekend.


SarahLee said...

a) fat jacks pizza (aka 'two jacks,' if you are in spanish fork) is the best pizza ever. period.

b) i LOVE LOVE LOVE the landslide/my own skin mix. :)

Emily Kimball said...

When he says that ephraim smells of turkeys and is freezing cold, it's no lie! I've lived there for 8 months and ephraim is one of a kind! The allred concert was amazing. It gave us ephraim-ites something to do! I'm a huge fan now!