Friday, February 22, 2008


So I think its about time I do a covers record. I have a ton that I have been playing live forever and then there are a bunch that no one has ever heard. I think its about time I get them recorded.

This has been in the works for quite some time anyway. Two were almost put on the "Parades" album but I thought I would save them for another time. People tend to ask for songs they know rather than mine at most shows. I went down to Provo last night to record and I discussed it with my buddy Dallan.

So it looks like its official. There should be 10 of them finished by the end of march.

I should have it out by April time. If you have any suggestions on what song I should do let me know. I'll keep you posted.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Southern Utah Rocks!

This was my third time coming down to play The Electric Theater in St.George. This is honestly my favorite venue in Utah for sure. I have never had a bad show and the people have always been responsive. I have a handful of fans that I know by name and I'm so thankful for all of them. Bucky and the rest of the staff at the venue are honestly the nicest I have ever met.

I got to open up for Lorene Drive, Just Surrender and Farewell. After my set Daniel walked right up to me and asked if I'd be interested in playing in the band (Lorene Drive). I honestly didn't know what to say. I spent a good portion of the night in the back of Lorene Drives van listening to a bunch of their new stuff and talking about what they were looking for. They just wanted a guy that can sing back ups and play pretty decent guitar and help with writing. Part of we would love to be a part of that.

It was a pretty surreal experience simply because I have always loved their music. Its a huge decision and I hope to come up with an answer before the Spring. Just picking up and leaving is a pretty tough thing to do. Even for me and I just released a solo record. Kind of strange timing if you ask me. For now there will be plenty of Allred shows to go around.

All and all it was a great time down there and I'll be back down real soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Night to Remember

It was so strange pulling up to the venue for a show like this. I was alone and it took me only two trips to unload the van. The sound check only took about 10 minutes. We decided to place the speakers angled so we were playing in the corner so the pole would'nt be in the way. I think this added an element to the whole feel of the show that I've never had at solid ground.

James Belliston, Dave (Spiral Diary) Hunsaker, Josh Rosenthal and Benton Paul all had great and diversified sets. Most shows seem to drag but this one just flew by so fast that I was actually late getting on.

This was by far the best show I have ever played in the ten years I've been doing this. I have never said that before. But the people made this night for me. I asked everyone to sit and all at once they all did it. It was quiet during the new songs and the majority of the time it was a strait out sing-a-long during the oldies. I played a brand new song "Keep Out" which people seemed to enjoy.

There was a moment where I brought a light into the middle of the room and played "summer is over" and "Promise" unplugged. I felt so close to everyone. I didnt feel alone anymore. The show could not have gone any better. It surpassed all my expectations. I wish I could live this night over and over again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tennessee...LA and back

This was probably the most hectic week I've ever had in my life. Aside from a lot of personal stuff that caused me to get very little sleep, I booked a last minute trip to go see my Grandfather in Tennessee who isn't doing very well. We watched the Superbowl together with a bunch of family. I was the only Patriots fan in the room. That was a rough night to say the least.

What was up with all the lip syncing this year by all the artists and even the star spangled banner?'s so weird to me...I just dont get it.

I was home in Utah for 3 hours to send out the preorders just in time to catch my LA flight.
I realized after touching down at LAX how unprepared I really was. I had nowhere to stay and I was about to get a terribly expensive hotel room until my buddy Sam Salisbiry found me a place to crash last minute.

I got to stay with an amazing Hollywood band called Malbec in Hollywood.
They let me crash on their couch. I talked alot with their bass player and she had to be one of the coolest girls I've ever met. I will be playing with them soon up here in Salt Lake so keep an eye out for that show. The next morning I spent a little time writing a new song that I'll be recording really soon and I'll be playing a lot. Its called "Look Out".
A few hours later I got a phone call from my buddy Tyler Monk. He just happened to be in LA for the weekend. He took me site seeing simply because it was my first time in LA. We stopped at a nice little greek place to eat and then we drove around to beverly hills and a bunch of other landmarks. We even stopped at guitar center and saw all the vintage guitars. After that we just putzed around watching the results of Super Tuesday till I loaded in at The Knitting Factory.
I played the small room, but it was perfect for what I do. My opener, Lindi Ortega ( was pretty amazing...the girl had one of the strongest voices I've heard in ages.

Even though the crowd was pretty minimal it was good to have familiar faces in Los Angeles. My friends Neon Trees ( came to support me as well as my buddy Andrew and some others from orange county. The sound there was pretty awesome and way better than what I'm used to. The sound guy was digging my stuff, but come to find out it was only because he had just gotten divorced. Go figure. After it was all over Neon Trees took me to In and Out Burger for a delicious double double...I miss that place already.

Thanks to Tyler Monk I got to LAX at 6AM. The flight was delayed this morning because of Snow but I got home around noon. Now its time to sleep, rest up and get ready for the release. It's finally almost here!