Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Mess with Texas

It was a very very long drive from Colorado Springs to Plano Texas. We drove through the night and got there right on time for my set. There ended up being three stages set up at The Plano Centre inside a huge convention area. It was pretty cool to see a mini Warped Tour. This was my first time being in Texas and I couldn't believe how rediculous the weather was. It was insanely humid and it didn't help that I already had a fever. I ended up playing about a 30 minute set. Me and Kris Roe were the only acoustic acts on the bill. So it was kind of cool.

The Entrance way was crammed all day with people buying merch and conversing with other bands. It is the best kind of chaos there is. I really wish they would do something like this in Utah.

I think the best thing about this tour was that every show was catered. Although you might not think so I am a huge fan of food and it always tastes better when its free. I have become a huge fan of wheat bread, swiss cheese, miracle whip (lite) and turkey sandwiches. This place even had tea which was way awesome.

I think the biggest thing about this trip was that the guys from "Mae" invited us to hang out after the show. It was really cool talking recording with Mark and writing with Dave. They told us some very exciting news about their upcoming record and DVD. Its really cool to find out things you never knew before. They are really just some normal guys from virginia with some amazing talent. I hope to come back to Texas when it cools down a bit. When I got dropped off at the Dallas Airport  the next morning I ran into Zack before he took off back to Virginia. It was really a surreal experience getting to hang out with one of my favorite bands and one I won't forget.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Colorado Springs

So I hopped in "We Shot The Moon's" van 4am to play in Colorado Springs. This was my first show ever in Colorado. We pulled up to "The Factore" around 5pm and loaded in our gear. The venue had a very "Muse Music" type setup. There were cool Neon Lights and it had a very DYI feel. They fed us pasta and let us use the free internet. The promoter was a pretty awesome guy and ran the venue simply to help the youth in the area. He let me play an organ he bought for 50 bucks and it was the greatest thing ever. I played it a good 30 minutes and It had electric drums and different crazy functions. I wanted to take it home with me.

Backstage, to pass the time I started showing off my breakdancing/ninja skills. Jonathan and Everybody eventually joined in and we had a few epic dance battles. When it came down to the show...well it wasn't my best but I got through it. I don't think I have been this sick in a a really long time. WSTM sounded tight as usual. Shane ended up finding mexican Coca Cola later that night so it was all worth it.

Back in Utah - Summer Tour Part 1

So it would be an understatement if I said that I just missed Utah. After spending some time around friends and family on the East coast. I started to really become homesick after a couple months. I loved seeing everyone from my childhood and I know I needed the time away. But I just don't fit in back there anymore. To be honest, I really couldn't wait to come back. What better way to come back than to tour pretty much the whole state with my good friends 
We Shot The Moon.

Heres a brief summary of the shows...

Cedar City - The Grind

I've been playing this venue for 3 years. The staff is amazing and I love the lighting they put on. Its my favorite venue to play acoustic shows at. This time around there was over 80 kids there in the dead of summer. Some even drove down three or four hours to come. I got to see some old friends I hadn't seen in almost half a year and also a good friend of my brothers and bought me a pizza. It was a surprisingly fantastic show. Thanks to the promoter JP this turned out great. This was my best Cedar show by far. I'll be back October 1st.

Saint George - The Electric Theater

This is pretty much my favorite venue of all time. It just looks and sounds amazing. Thanks to Amie this was a show to remember. We brought over a hundred people out. The Firm and A Bird A Sparrow were great. WSTM put on a fantastic set as usual.  This was probably my best show on tour simply because I hadn't gotten food poisoning yet. I played a lot of rare songs like "If I Died Tonight"(an oldie) and "Always A Woman" by Billy Joel. I will be back in October for sure! It had honestly been way too long. I Love St.George!

Ogden - Union Station

This was the first day I really got sick. I drove all day and came down with a really high fever right as we pulled in to Salt Lake. None the less my buddy Shane took the wheel and got me to Ogden on time. I was actually really amazed by this venue. It was litteraly right next to the tracks. It had a really cool location and had a huge stage. Its always nice to run into my buddy Rich from "BA Sound" was hired to run the show. It sounded great to say the least. I ended up playing a lot of new material at this one and even started beat boxing in "With or Without You". It was so good to see familiar faces and even though I was under the weather the people always make it worth it. Oh and I wore my red jeans for the first time that I bought in Times Square. They just might make a appearance again if you're lucky. I will be back in Ogden September 8th!

Provo - The Olympus

This was by far the biggest Utah show on our tour. There was over 200 people. The Venue was a Dance studio which was behind Fat Cats. It was severely tough to get a good sound out of that room but Taylor Audio did great for what they had to work with. Regardless I think the show went very well and the crowd was so awesome. Thanks to Sam The man for putting on another happening event. Parking was the big issue. Whats with Provo and towing cars? I got my van booted. I was pretty bummed about that. I think I just got through this show vocally. I could barely talk by the end but I was very lucky...people were singing along pretty loud. I got to see tons of people I missed a great deal. I consider Provo my hometown-to play in. I should be playing Velour sometime this September.

I will be back in Utah next week to stay after playing a few out of state shows... I Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm back and I should be here for quite a while!