Monday, April 28, 2008

Some of you may have heard...

...I'm heading back to the East coast in June. This is absolutely true. I feel it will be a tremendously good thing for me to get back to my roots again and go back to where I came from. I want to be near my family and childhood friends. I want to see the ocean and big city lights. I really haven't been back in four years and it's been way too long. To be honest this place has gotten the best of me. I'm severely heart broken and I need to get out of here while I still have a part of myself left. I'm afraid I've never completely healed from some things.

I cannot tell you how many people have touched me over the last few years that I have lived in Utah. There were times when I felt discouraged and there was always someone there to pick me up when I fell down. I have received so many kind emails in the last few weeks and I honestly don't deserve them. And just knowing that this music meant something to even one person made it all worth it. I will continue to tour and I will be back in Utah before you know it. Just don't forget about me.

I would love to see you all at the last few shows. They will be the last ones for quite a while. Thank you so much everything. I love you all.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Velour (solo acoustic)

Last night was a memorable night to say the least. This was the most people I ever brought to Velour. There were tons of requests and I played for 2 and a half hours.. It was a really fun singalong session. Maybe I should have become a chior teacher. We had some pretty sweet harmonies going on. Because there were so many familiar faces i really felt like I was playing for my friends. There was some talk about Sesame Street, Life and upcoming movies. I was able to tell some people what some songs were about and I could'nt help but smile while I played. It was a really fun night and I want to thank you all that came out to share it with me. I'll keep you all updated on the live recording and DVD.

set list: miss me, autumn, golden, at the seams, my own skin, prince of pain, if i died tonight, clovers, ordinary day, summer is over, sunday afternoon(new song) there she goes, seventeen, promise, parades, when you fall, lost in july, fall back down, colors, right here

Thursday, April 24, 2008

opening for Ben Folds at Salt Air

So last night blew by way too fast. I have never been so nervous in my entire life. I was suprised I didn't faint or vomit before I went on. I did almost trip on my way up.. There were over 3,000 people and this was by far the biggest show I've ever played a main stage on. Once The music started it all went away.

Chris Merritt and Mesa Drive played some awesome sets. Its so great to see bands progress and also nice to be amongst friends. I took the stage around 8pm and the crowd was really responsive. The set was video taped so we should have it up very soon.

Ben Lee was having guitar problems so I let him use mine for the majority of his set. I'm never selling it now. We talked for a bit and he honestly was the nicest guy I've met at that level. so down to earth. I caught him a few times outside just walking around on the Salt flats. taking in the scenery I guess.

Ben Folds was well... Ben Folds. Just possibly the most entertaining guy in show business. I grew up on this guy and getting the chance to share the stage was a dream come true. I hope this won't be the last time I get to play for a crowd this big. I don't know how you could ever get used to that.

Thanks to Sam Salisbury/ Rockstar Shows and The Salt Air Staff for making this possible. And thank you guys for your support. I wouldn't have gotten to this point without your help.

set list: Promise, Medley, Keep Driving, With or Without You

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Tour part 1

So tons of things have been going on lately and I've honestly been too lazy to post anything in a while. This last month has been filled with suprises to say the least. I'm so happy to finally start touring a bit. I think touring is the only thing that keeps me sane right now.

This last weekend I was lucky enough to be accompanied by some extremely talented musicians. Joshua James and Benton Paul played amazingly at The Grind and The Electric Theater. Both I know are going to be very successful in what they do. Its pretty crazy how 3 people can do so many different things with just their voice and a guitar.

The Grind ended up being a pretty "stripped down" show. We all just played acoustic to a crowd of about 80 people or so. This was the biggest cedar city show I have ever headlined. There were some people singing along and making requests. I played a lot of songs I hadn't played in a very very long time. The lighting was spectacular and the sound was even better. I love that venue. Dave Kreitzer opened the show with a three peice(The Embrace) and it really tied together the whole night.

set list: Starlight(Muse Cover), Look Out(new song), Seventeen, the Brightest (Copeland Cover), Clovers, Parades,The Sound (new song)With or Without You, Golden

The Electric Theater was a tough one to play. I received word my grandfather died about 20 minutes before I went on. I have never played a show where I had so many things stirring up inside me. A lot of people said they never have seen me play a show like that before. The whole thing was pretty much a blur to me. I got through it though. We had the same amazing openers and I know people really loved them. The night wasn't over yet. Benton and I drove down to Vegas afterwards. I love it when you come to the point where you first see the lights of Vegas on the horizon...theres nothing quite like it. I slept in the van once we got to Henderson and fell asleep to "Walk The Line" blaring on the tv in the background.

set list: One More Day, Summer is Over, Without Warning (new song), Medley, Keep Driving, With or Without You, Ever So Sweet(Early November Cover), Golden

The Estring was an amazing venue to say the least. Perfect for the type of music we play. It was a combination of a music store, bar and venue. The light and sound were pretty awesome. Benton and I played for a High School Choir earlier in the day and we actually brought over 100 people out that night thanks to the hard work of his family. I am so thankful for that family and for their hospitality. I was happy not to sleep in the van every night. Vegas is kind of hot. I got to play with Benton on a few songs which really made the night for me.

set list: Seventeen, Wonderwall/Boulevard of Broken Dreams(Oasis/Green Day Cover), Promise, Land Slide (Fleetwood Mac Cover), Medley, With or Without You

with Benton: Fields of Gold (Sting Cover), Where are You (Bentons Single)

Benton and I took off yesterday around noon, after getting some In and Out Burgers and a lot of driving we got home around 8pm. Good Times. I have a few big shows before it and I have tons of more news too...I will try to get better at writing on this thing.