Friday, April 25, 2008

Velour (solo acoustic)

Last night was a memorable night to say the least. This was the most people I ever brought to Velour. There were tons of requests and I played for 2 and a half hours.. It was a really fun singalong session. Maybe I should have become a chior teacher. We had some pretty sweet harmonies going on. Because there were so many familiar faces i really felt like I was playing for my friends. There was some talk about Sesame Street, Life and upcoming movies. I was able to tell some people what some songs were about and I could'nt help but smile while I played. It was a really fun night and I want to thank you all that came out to share it with me. I'll keep you all updated on the live recording and DVD.

set list: miss me, autumn, golden, at the seams, my own skin, prince of pain, if i died tonight, clovers, ordinary day, summer is over, sunday afternoon(new song) there she goes, seventeen, promise, parades, when you fall, lost in july, fall back down, colors, right here

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christine johnson said...

Ha, I'm glad you liked my pictures enough to use them on here.

So I'm incredibly sad that you're moving away. I wish I would've known about you a long time ago. You pretty much rock the house down.