Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Tour '08

Touring the last year I have truly fallen in love with this country. For the most part every state has a different feel I gotten to meet some amazing people and play some great venues. Heres just a few pics I took with my iphone. I hope to eventually get a really nice camera. Till then I guess I will settle for my phone.








Recording in Seattle

I know I just released a new record but I just wrote a ton this Fall and I was itching to record them. So I got to talking with one of my favorite singers from one of my favorite bands. Dan from "This Providence". We talked about him doing some producing seeing on how he's working with "Anarbor" and "Rocket To The Moon".

So when he offered the chance for me to come up and do a some songs with him up in Seattle I took it. We recorded late at night so we got to do a lot of site seeing during the day. This was honestly the first time I left home to record and sometimes thats just what it takes.

Dan was a blast to work with and he helped me to come out of my shell. He brought a lot of creativity to the table on these songs. I would have to say I have fallen in love with the city of Seattle. 

The 10,000 dollar Neuman microphone we used

The Studio

Dan Young

The great city of Seattle

Pikes Market

The first Starbucks..ever

view from the other side of the city

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Tour Part 2

 Denny's in Cedar City...I immediatly regret this poisoning again!

       Hanging at the Hotel (Jason is weird)

       stopping by In - and - Out in STG

    Colby and Nate bored in ST GEORGE

  The Electric Theater (one of our favorite venues)

   Driving back to Utah through the night (BAD IDEA)

  Ronny the Roadie working hard or hardly working packing the van

       Watching Nick and Norah in Vegas

                     Rock and Roll

 My mothers first CD RELEASE in Utah

 Bringing out some friends for a few songs


Monday, September 29, 2008

I Phone Photos (Fall Tour)

                                  They say pictures can say a thousand words. So here you go:)

                                                            Somewhere in Washington





The End

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Long Week

The last few shows...

I showed up down in Provo around 9am to load in for the show. It was raining and it was bitter cold outside. It took about 30 minutes outside to eventually retreat to my van and watch some movies and drink some red bulls.

By the time my set came around the sun had come out, it warmed up and it ended up being a beautiful day. Castle Park is a really cool place and I honestly had never seen it before. Who knew Provo had anything cool. It was a park that used to be a mental hospital that looked like a castle. My set went really well and the crowd was awesome. I tried out a bunch of new ones and tried my new set up.

When Augustana hit the stage it felt like time stood still. These guys are seriously one of my favorite bands and I'm so happy we got them to Utah for a show. They played all my favorites and did some awesome sing-a-longs. They even played a awesome Bob Dylan cover. By far one of the best shows I'd seen in a long time. I talked with Dan for a bit he was very shy but a super nice guy. I hope to play with them again soon.

The next night I opened for Meg and Dia at Studio 600 in Salt Lake. Its been such a trip to watch these girls blow up. They are extremely talented and they deserve everything that has happened to them.

I talked to Dia for a while and she seems really stoked about her new record. Even after playing with these guys for 4 years on numerous shows they really haven't changed at all. They are still are friendly and down to earth. This was the best sounding studio show I've ever had. Thanks to Rob (The sound guy)

Thursday and Friday I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Tyrone Wells. This guy has a booming voice and he is a fantastic song writer. The Reef was a really cool venue. It had really great sound and it was a restaurant/bar setting. 

I ended up booking a last minute house party with my buddy Mitch and his friend Cassi. I played outside for about 30 kids. That honestly was the highlight of playing in Boise. I will be coming back soon with Sherwood.

The next day we down to Provo....once again. I haven't played Velour since May. I really missed the place. I consider the venue home. The room was filled quite nicely and it was a memorable evening. I saw tons of old friends and familiar faces. I played a bunch of new songs and a few oldies. I got to hang out with Jason Reeves a bit. Such a great little performer. He's an amazing songwriter and I enjoyed his set tremendously.

Thats the update for now....but stay tuned....there is much more updates on their way

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Mess with Texas

It was a very very long drive from Colorado Springs to Plano Texas. We drove through the night and got there right on time for my set. There ended up being three stages set up at The Plano Centre inside a huge convention area. It was pretty cool to see a mini Warped Tour. This was my first time being in Texas and I couldn't believe how rediculous the weather was. It was insanely humid and it didn't help that I already had a fever. I ended up playing about a 30 minute set. Me and Kris Roe were the only acoustic acts on the bill. So it was kind of cool.

The Entrance way was crammed all day with people buying merch and conversing with other bands. It is the best kind of chaos there is. I really wish they would do something like this in Utah.

I think the best thing about this tour was that every show was catered. Although you might not think so I am a huge fan of food and it always tastes better when its free. I have become a huge fan of wheat bread, swiss cheese, miracle whip (lite) and turkey sandwiches. This place even had tea which was way awesome.

I think the biggest thing about this trip was that the guys from "Mae" invited us to hang out after the show. It was really cool talking recording with Mark and writing with Dave. They told us some very exciting news about their upcoming record and DVD. Its really cool to find out things you never knew before. They are really just some normal guys from virginia with some amazing talent. I hope to come back to Texas when it cools down a bit. When I got dropped off at the Dallas Airport  the next morning I ran into Zack before he took off back to Virginia. It was really a surreal experience getting to hang out with one of my favorite bands and one I won't forget.