Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Tour Part 2

 Denny's in Cedar City...I immediatly regret this poisoning again!

       Hanging at the Hotel (Jason is weird)

       stopping by In - and - Out in STG

    Colby and Nate bored in ST GEORGE

  The Electric Theater (one of our favorite venues)

   Driving back to Utah through the night (BAD IDEA)

  Ronny the Roadie working hard or hardly working packing the van

       Watching Nick and Norah in Vegas

                     Rock and Roll

 My mothers first CD RELEASE in Utah

 Bringing out some friends for a few songs



SydnyeB said...

Dude... stop eating at Denny's!!!!!!

Your cd release was basically amazing by the way. And why do none of you look happy watching Nick and Norah? Is it good?

Allred said...

it was amazing....we were just happens

SydnyeB said...

Oh, good, because I've wanted to see it. I love Michael Cera! Oh Juno... Haha!

Anyway, feel better! Food poisoning twice in what, two months? That does not sound like fun...

chels said...

Hey John! Oh my gosh I haven't been to one of your concerts since June!! :( I miss them so much... All of your concerts are no where near Northern Utah for a while. You should make arrangements for a concert somewhere up here during November. :)It would be so fun! Ha