Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recording in Seattle

I know I just released a new record but I just wrote a ton this Fall and I was itching to record them. So I got to talking with one of my favorite singers from one of my favorite bands. Dan from "This Providence". We talked about him doing some producing seeing on how he's working with "Anarbor" and "Rocket To The Moon".

So when he offered the chance for me to come up and do a some songs with him up in Seattle I took it. We recorded late at night so we got to do a lot of site seeing during the day. This was honestly the first time I left home to record and sometimes thats just what it takes.

Dan was a blast to work with and he helped me to come out of my shell. He brought a lot of creativity to the table on these songs. I would have to say I have fallen in love with the city of Seattle. 

The 10,000 dollar Neuman microphone we used

The Studio

Dan Young

The great city of Seattle

Pikes Market

The first Starbucks..ever

view from the other side of the city

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Melanie said...

I'd really love to visit Seattle sometime. And Dan is amazing. :)