Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Night to Remember

It was so strange pulling up to the venue for a show like this. I was alone and it took me only two trips to unload the van. The sound check only took about 10 minutes. We decided to place the speakers angled so we were playing in the corner so the pole would'nt be in the way. I think this added an element to the whole feel of the show that I've never had at solid ground.

James Belliston, Dave (Spiral Diary) Hunsaker, Josh Rosenthal and Benton Paul all had great and diversified sets. Most shows seem to drag but this one just flew by so fast that I was actually late getting on.

This was by far the best show I have ever played in the ten years I've been doing this. I have never said that before. But the people made this night for me. I asked everyone to sit and all at once they all did it. It was quiet during the new songs and the majority of the time it was a strait out sing-a-long during the oldies. I played a brand new song "Keep Out" which people seemed to enjoy.

There was a moment where I brought a light into the middle of the room and played "summer is over" and "Promise" unplugged. I felt so close to everyone. I didnt feel alone anymore. The show could not have gone any better. It surpassed all my expectations. I wish I could live this night over and over again.


Bunk & Dizz said...

I love the nights that things go well. I was not there sadly, but I can imagine. I sing and write and occasionally play my own music as well, and nothing is better than when you feel apart of the audience in which you perform in front of. Props to you man.
I am a new comer to your music, but I have been immediately taken in by your lyrics and melodies. I am an instant fan for sure. Just for curiosity sake, do you get your lyrics from personal experiences or do you allow yourself to feel others experiences and write about them? What have you done, that might help me in my own song writing? Thanks buddy.

Allred said...

yeah it was just one of those nights...its all from personal experiences...being married, divorced, having my son away from me..well i could write about it forever.

SarahLee said...

bunk & dizz, I'm sorry you weren't there but *I WAS* and let me tell you, everything john felt about the audience, the audience felt about john. there is only one word that can fully describe that night and it is "magical."

john, your music and your lyrics are so genuine and so touching that it makes little people like me feel like we "know you." you throw your heart out there for everyone to see, hear and experience those feelings for themselves, and we do. I remember the first time that i heard the last part of "this is my life" - it totally broke my heart.

keep doing what you love, john. you've got a talent that many of us dream about having. keep sharing that magic.

SarahLee said...

ps- John, any time you want to relive that night, we're all here for you... we would love it just as much as you would.

Sam said...

This is Samantha, I am a friend of Jessica's and I went to that show and I totally agree with you. I could relive that night over and over again. Your lyrics are so deep and meaningful, it almost brought tears to my eyes. You're so good at what you do. I plan on going to more of your concerts.

leoele said...

Hey John, this was a great time. I was glad i was able to come out and support you. You've got talent, thanks for sharing it!