Friday, February 22, 2008


So I think its about time I do a covers record. I have a ton that I have been playing live forever and then there are a bunch that no one has ever heard. I think its about time I get them recorded.

This has been in the works for quite some time anyway. Two were almost put on the "Parades" album but I thought I would save them for another time. People tend to ask for songs they know rather than mine at most shows. I went down to Provo last night to record and I discussed it with my buddy Dallan.

So it looks like its official. There should be 10 of them finished by the end of march.

I should have it out by April time. If you have any suggestions on what song I should do let me know. I'll keep you posted.



SarahLee said...

I have only heard you play originals, so I'm not sure which covers you even DO.... I'd love to hear you cover MAE or one of simple plan's sweet songs, like "I can wait forever." But like I said, I don't know which songs you do or do not know.

anything you play with be great. :)

Adri said...

I'm really impressed with the news stuff and I can't believe all the fancy footwork you do with those pedals . . . good stuff (Tom).

jtpr said...

Oh I love your covers. In the perfect world you would do a cover of either "just like heaven" or "friday im in love" by the cure :D however, if you're looking at newer songs I think these would be amazing:

MXPX- Quit your life
Acceptance- So Contagious
Paramore- When it Rains

As said before, anything you do will be great!


mxw08 said...

With Or Without You

That's probably a given.

But it's my favorite. :)

You are fantastic.

mxw08 said...

Oh and Minstrel's Prayer by Cartel.