Friday, March 7, 2008

Opening for Benton

The usual Provo gig consists of a very familiar atmosphere for me. Velour and Muse are two rooms I have gotten very used to over the last few years. But walking into the Covey Center for the Arts was an entirely different experience. Its located off center street. It was a auditorium hall with a fantastic sound and beautiful lighting. The whole night seemed to take on a unfamiliar feel but I think its good to have a change from time to time. It was a huge stage and I was off centered to the left. can you say awkward?

I got to hear a few of Bentons songs during sound check and it honestly felt like I was opening for a national band. It was beyond impressive and he has really come into his own. I've known Benton for the last few years and its been a trip watching him progress. Simply amazing and this is just the beginning for him.

The lighting was so good that there were portions of my set where it was pitch black. I couldnt see my peddles and I was pretty disoriented at times. It was a rough night to say the least but I got through the set and I guess thats all that matters. The crowd was fantastic and cheered during songs and was beyond responsive. I was pleasantly suprised.

I guess the show was recorded and I should have some footage up soon. Well I have a day off tonight and then its back down to Provo tomorrow to play with Broke City and Mury.

set list: seventeen, at the seams, landslide/my own skin, promise, with or without you

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