Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another Night in Provo

So last night I was put right in the middle of a 5 band bill at Velour. Usually this can be quite an awkward situation for an acoustic guy. But it wasnt so bad at all. The first two bands were Great. "Lives of Famous Men" and "The Real You". Then the two bands that followed were some of my good friends. Mury and the one and only Broke .

Mury is a combination of a 3 bands that I have played with in the past 4 years. They have a great sound and are really starting to come into their own. When I watch Broke shows its like I'm watching my older brothers play. Joel is just a freak of nature and I've never met another musician like him. Dave is one of the coolest guys I've ever met and I tend to ramble on about gear with him from time to time at the House of Guitars where he works. As for Rob, well lets say the guy has some chops and you can see how passionate he is about music. Its inspiring to say the least.

I honestly missed Velour. I would have to say that it feels the most like home to me out of any other place. Corey Fox and Michelle are always a pleasure to talk to when I'm there and I just love the feel of the place.

I've decided to do a headlining show there in April where its just me. it will be a stripped down acoustic show where people can request whatever they want. This should make for an interesting night.

set list: the district sleeps tonight (postal service cover), seventeen, promise, right here, with or without you (u2 cover)

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