Sunday, June 15, 2008

a surreal night to say the least

So I got an email from my manager Sam two months ago asking if I would be interested in opening for Secondhand Serenade at Thanksgiving Point. I actually thought he was pulling my leg. The entire day of the show just seemed a bit well...unreal. I was just waiting for someone to say:"Who are you?.." so I could just get back in my van and drive home.

As I got to sound check John Vesley actually hung out and watched. He was really down to earth and this is one of the first times I've met a national act so open and nice. There was a crowd of over 3600 people and they were all very attentive as I took the stage. The loudness of the audience is something you really can't describe. After I finished my set, I was asked to play one more. I was very hesitant but John offered to announce me again. I really couldn't believe he would do that. I've really never been so humbled in my life.

The rest of the night I just hung out at the merch table thanking everyone for coming. We sold out of everything. Thats always a good thing right? If it wasn't for the promoter Tom Atwood none of this would have happened. So thanks man. This was an amazing going away present.

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