Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Last Show

So it seems like every big show I've ever had there have been "technical difficulties". Infact, it happens so often I just don't even react to it anymore. Half way through my third song all the power shut down. So for half of the show it was a glorified sing-a-long. Unplugged and having everybody sing. There was even a part of "Seventeen" where we had a little choir ending.

I'm so happy to say people seemed to like it better than the looping and stage antics I usually add to these kind of shows. We took requests at the door and played all the most requested ones with a girl holding a clip board and shouting out the songs. I shared a few stories and we had a few laughs. It was like a big get together amongst friends. It was 2 and a half hours of strait oldies and a few new ones. It was a bittersweet night and it was so good to see familiar faces. It was such a cool venue and it was one of those nights I didn't want to end...hence, the 2 and a half hour set.I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming out my utah shows the last 4 years I've been around. Although I won't be back as often I will always carry a part of this place with me. My fondest memories are of the people I have met through the music. I just hope you won't forget about me. You have all made my life worth living and just know you are all my friends. I won't be back till August and it can't come soon enough.


mxw08 said...

That was an AMAZING show, and I'm SO glad everything blew up (literally!) And I'm certain every other person there felt the same way. It was a beautiful evening! The last four years were amazing, and even people who only saw you once aren't going to be able to forget you. You have quite a musical presence! Come back A LOT!!!

chels said...

Right, when I left my last comment this is definitely the show I was talking about... I couldn't agree more that this night was PERFECT, even with the technical difficulties. :)It was a night to remember!